I’m Chris: a developer with a passion for all things front-end. I REALLY like the applications I build to be fast - which is why I’m particularly fond of working with the JAMstack approach at the moment.

I enjoy counting the kilobytes of my JavaScript and making my production scripts as tiny as possible; I love writing well-structured vanilla JavaScript and learning/using/experimenting with new features of ECMAScript spec. If the project requires it, my current favourite framework is VueJS combined with Vuex (and maybe NuxtJS if I’m going to pre-render it).

Unsurprisingly, I like to squeeze my CSS down too - PostCSS in the build process is preferable and I like to structure my classes with the BEM methodology (or equivalent).

I’m also a sucker for good usability and a tasty design.

For (almost) the last three years, I’ve been lead front-end developer at Breakthrough Media where I’ve built some interesting projects to do with social challenges such as extremism and conflict. Before that, I was freelancing: working on brands such as Converse and BT. And before THAT, I started my career in the seaside city of Bournemouth where, after taking a summer placement at an agency, I was persuaded to work and finish my degree at the same time. I honed my skillset there for the subsequent six years before moving to London in 2015.

If you want to get in touch about a project you think may be of interest to me, my email address is chris@chrisboakes.com.

When I’m not writing code, I work hard with my band Young Astronaut and enjoy taking pictures: